About us

Developers with over 10 years of experience

Numerous completed projects.

Respect for nature.


A group of experienced real estate developers, active in the area of Central Europe, and especially in Romania, since 1995.
The company owns an impressive portfolio of properties and some real estate gems, particularly in the nation's capital.
We rely on the close connection between the interior built space and the exterior with great respect for nature.
We always focus on our customers, this is where the "City Gardens" concept started. As a final result, to have a pleasant environment and customers satisfied with the services offered.

We build with the right team

The Global Romania company, owner of the Otopeni City Gardens project, is in a position, after more than 20 years of experience in the field on the Romanian market, to collaborate only with professionals of the elite - be they architects, builders, contractors, distributors of materials, etc., thus being able to guarantee a superior quality of works, services provided and materials.
Also, terms are strictly respected, so that all construction projects are at the standards and deadlines committed.
The company's Bucharest offices are staffed by recognized specialists in real estate, management and construction, and one of our top teams is directly in charge of the Titan City Gardens project, successfully completed in sector 3 of the capital.